Burton: Collaboration of regional Prosecutions is essential for prosecuting war criminals

The Head of the OSCE Mission in B&H Fletcher M. Burton visited the Prosecution of B&H today where he met with the Chief Prosecutor Goran Salihović. Burton congratulated the Chief Prosecutor for his appointment and expressed the decisiveness of OSCE to continue supporting the Prosecution of B&H in their work as well as efforts and challenges in the future.

The Chief Prosecutor and the Head of the OSCE Mission talked about the collaboration between OSCE and the Prosecution of B&H and particularly about the future prosecution of unsolved cases of war crimes in B&H. They also talked about the steps that needed to be made in order to secure efficient prosecution of war crime cases. Burton commended the efforts of the Chief Prosecutor and pointed out that the Mission is preparing to launch a new project which will secure the resources for hiring staff for additional support, training, as well as for operational costs of the Prosecution of B&H.

This project will be financed from the donations of the Governments of Norway, Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Italy. Burton also congratulated the Chief Prosecutor on the recent signing and implementation of the Protocol of collaboration of the Prosecution of B&H and the Prosecution for war crimes of Serbia in the prosecution of war criminals, crimes against humanity and genocide.

“The regional collaboration is now essential in order to prevent  war criminal across the border to be left without proper punishment”- said Burton

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