Caricaturist of Portal “Dragons” Can Get To Quarterfinals in Brazil

dragons_dzekoOmar Momani, caricaturist of the portal has decided to fulfill his promise to the B&H fans and make a caricature of the success of the B&H football team.

B&H football team will be one of the 32 football teams of the world that will get to Mundial next year in Brazil. Many world’s media wrote about the success of the “Dragons” that for the first time will be part of the major football competition.

The same was done on the popular football website with the caricaturist Oman Momani who has decided to keep the promise given to B&H fans and to make a caricature that will symbolize the departure of the “Dragons” to the World Championship.

He is from Jordan and lives in Amman and stated that this time it was not easy to fulfill the promise. He did the caricature for two reasons: B&H for the first time qualified for the World Championship and because he has a lot of fans in B&H.

“I promised them a caricature when B&H qualifies for the World Championship and I fulfilled the promise”, said Momani.


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