Ceremony Today in Sarajevo to Mark World Teacher’s Day

worldteachersdayThe FB&H Ministry of Education and Science, the Union of Secondary and Higher Education, Upbringing Science and Culture of B&H and the Independent Union of Primary Education and Upbringing in the FB&H organized a ceremony in Sarajevo today on occasion of World Teachers Day.

At today’s academy under the motto ‘Teachers-Leaders of Quality Education’, the complexity and responsibility of the teaching profession was noted, and the demands that educators face on a daily basis. Also, recognition and monetary awards for excellent contribution in the field of pre-school, primary and secondary education for 37 educators in B&H were handed out.

FB&H Minister of Education and Science Damir Mašić recalled that today’s academy is being organized for the third time after 20 years of pause, and pointed out the practice of awarding the prize that was launched last year would continue, and that it is accepted as something positive.

(Source: Fena; Photo Source: Fena)

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