Chat live with Šemsudin Mehmedović!

The CCI (Center for Civic Initiatives) announced a live chat with Šemsudin Mehmedović,  a representative from the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly in B&H.

After the CCI’s presentation of the first virtual institution or the ”Virtual Parliament” at the Parliamentary Assembly in front of  the legislative authority, NGOs, the media and citizens, they also announced the first live chat.
Šemsudin Mehmedović, the representative of the House of Representative of the Parliamentary Assembly in B&H, will be available for a live conversation with citizens, or a live chat on Saturday, 24th November, at 9 a.m. All citizens are invited to participate in the first live conversation by registering on the web site:  www.virtuelniparlament.ba.

The ” Virtual Parliament’’ gives opportunity to all Parliament members to communicate directly with the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With this, the members of the Parliament of B&H also want to show their contribution and interest in communicating and sharing the information about the current work of the members of the Parliament.

The ” Virtual Parliament” also gives the opportunity to citizens to be actively engaged in the decision making process of the members of the Parliament. In other words, the ”Virtual Parliament” will not only function as means of mere communication but as an efficient communication canal between citizens and Parliament members via e-mail, live chats, blogs, discussions and questions.

In the statement of the CCI it is said that CCI hopes that citizens will from now on be more actively involved in the political sphere of the community, which could lead to a more efficient,  transparent and more responsibe Government.

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