Close to 180 Performers Will Participate at the Festival ‘Kao nekad pred Božić’

christmas-treeThe traditional Christmas Festival of Christmas songs, folk dances and customs ‘Kao nekad pred Božić’ will be held on 4 December at the Bosnian Cultural Center in Sarjaevo. The Association Libertas and the Association Facultas for the prosperity of youth organize this year’s 14th festival.

The production designer and director of the festival Adnan Džindo told journalists that this traditional manifestation is the wealth of Sarajevo and B&H, and is important because its goal is to connect people and nations in B&H. He said that the festival is conceived as a combination of activities that will be dedicated to the celebration of Christmas, which will have 180 participants.

President of Libertas Association Vera Šakić pointed out that organizers have made sure to gather well-known singers from B&H that would interpret folk songs in the best way.

Famous singers, actors and interpreters of classical music and ballet, folklore and tambura groups will perform.

(Source: klix.ba)

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