Cold Magic Spell Event opened, offering One Month of Free Ice Skating

By symbolic ribbon cutting and fireworks, the “Ledena Carolija” (Cold Magic Spell) was opened on Friday night, a traditional event in the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo which brings a month free skating for all citizens.

After the official opening, children and adults rushed to the ice skating rink and enjoyed skating with good music.

The mayor of the Municipality of Nova Sarajevo, Nedzad Koldzo, pointed out that this is the third annual event and that the municipality is trying to provide financial resources every year.

“We do everything we can to create a good mood for the younger and older ones,” Koldzo said.

This year, the program is expanded, and apart the free skating rink and skating classes, there will be numerous educational and interactive workshops for children and during the weekend, youngest ones will have the opportunity to attend the workshops, to learn playing musical instruments, to learn dancing with a professional dancers, to enjoy literature and art, and to get acquainted with the work of numerous institutions, associations and organizations such as Mountain Rescue Service (GSS), Eco-Police, Dogs Trust and others.

(Photo: FENA)

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