Collective Funeral of 71 identified Victims done in Srebrenica

Today, on July 11th, 22nd anniversary of the genocide against Bosniaks located in the “UN Safe Zone” is marked in Srebrenica and Potocari Memorial Center. At the same time, the burial of 71 identified victims from July 1995 will be done as well.

The prayer began at 13:00, after which there will be a collective burial of 71 victims at the Memorial Center in Potocari.

The burial is preceded by commemoration and addressing as well as giving honor and laying flowers to victims of genocide, as well as reading a passage from the novel “Dervis and Death” and performing of the Srebrenica Inferno.

Coffins with the remains of 71 victims, with reading of their names and surnames, is currently brought to the place where the funeral will take place.

The oldest victim buried today is Alija (Huso) Salihović, born in 1923, and the youngest is fifteen-year-old Damir (Kemal) Suljić.

After today’s burial of 71 victims at the cemetery in Potočari, the total number of buried victims will be 6.575.

(Source: N1)

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