Creativity of young People from Zenica: Making and selling Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags Zenica radiosarajevo.baREaktiv is a non-government, non-party and non-political organization whose primary aim is gathering young people. REaktiv was founded in late 2012, and they already have dozens of successful projects behind. The name originated from the very idea of the association, i.e. activate the inactive youth, reactivate those who became inactive, and make those active even more active.

The latest project of the members of REaktiv is REcek. It is a project that brings some modest allowance to the members of the organization, and at the same time  raises the environmental awareness among the citizens.

“We came up with REcek at one seminar which my colleague Samir and I attended. One of the modules was writing a business plan, and two of the best were to receive financial aid in the amount of 6.000 BAM. We came up with the idea to make shopping bags, since the plastic bags are being charged since 2013, and the bags are made from natural materials which additionally preserves the environment“, said the member of the management board of REaktiv Merim Stupar.

The shopping bags are completely domestic production, all the necessary materials are procured in B&H. The members are making them in their premises, which they received from the city of Zenica free of charge. The bags are made of linen and cotton, and a total of seven young people from the organization participate in their creation. After the making, print is being done on the bags, followed by the delivery of the shopping bags.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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