Company from B&H a Contractor on the Highway Section in Slovenia

Euroasfalt Working on Highway in Slovenia sa-c.netThe Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar attended the beginning of construction works on a 13.3 kilometers long section at the highway Hamburg – Solun through Slovenia, at the section Drazenci – Gruskovje, on which the BH Company Euroasfalt from Sarajevo conducts a part of works.

The Service for Highways of the Republic of Slovenia from Ljubljana signed a contract within which the BH Company Euroasfalt Ltd. Sarajevo officially obtained a job worth 15 million BAM (7.6 million EUR).

Besides this BH Company, the rest of the section of this significant European highway is being constructed by the consortium of Slovenian construction companies.

The Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar stated that he is happy because the construction of this long-time expected section has finally started, and expressed hope that it will provide better connection, and thereby a better life, to the people who live in that region.

Moreover, Cerar stressed the importance of this road for better economic competitiveness of Slovenia.

Cerar said that DARS received support for this project from the EU funds in total amount of 63 million EUR. He expressed hope that contracts for the second section will also be successfully signed and he said he expects the construction works to be completed before the beginning of the tourist season 2018, according to the plan.


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