Construction of 18 Apartments for Refugees and Displaced Persons in Banja Luka

Davor Cordas, Minister of Refugees and Displaced Persons of the RS, and Igor Radojicic, Mayor of Banja Luka, visited works on the construction of three objects with a total of 48 apartments, which are intended for the accommodation of refugees and displaced persons from the FBiH and Croatia in the settlement of Kuljani near Banja Luka.

Minister of Refugees and Displaced Persons of the RS, Davor Cordas, noted that three buildings will be constructed on that location, and each of them will include 18 apartments.

“This is a regional program, and our ministry managed to ensure for 284 apartments to be constructed. The value of this program is over 12 million BAM, plus the participation of local communities, which participate with about 15-20 % of these funds. In this way, we will solve the issue of people who want to stay here, and they are mostly Serbs who fled from Croatia, and the internally displaced persons from the territory of BiH,” noted Minister Cordas.

Igor Radojicic stated that the City of Banja Luka will take part in this project with a total of 400,000 BAM, together with secured location and all the necessary documentation.

This project is implemented by the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, the Fund for Return BiH and the Ministry of Refugees and Displaced Persons of the RS. The value of the project that was started in Banja Luka amounts to a total of 2,240,160 BAM, and the deadline for completion of works is 400 days.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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