Consultations with Media Representatives on Future Support of EU to Freedom of Media in B&H

sloboda medijaThe European regional project TASCO, in cooperation with the EU Delegation to B&H held a final round of consultations with media representatives in B&H in conjunction with the guidelines for financial support of the EU in the area of free media and integrity of the media in enlargement countries from 2014 to 2020. Freedom of expression and freedom of media are key indicators of the country’s readiness to join the EU.

Professional, independent and impartial media institutions are one of the most important aspects of modern democratic society and are the core values of the EU. Freedom of the media is a priority in the EU enlargement process and the EU focuses its funds on this priority. The progress reports of the EU indicates every year the key deficiencies in tis area.

The last report on B&H’s progress that was published in October this year highlighted the increased political and financial pressure on the media in B&H as well as the problems related to the regulation and operation of public service broadcasters.

The lack of completion of reforms of public service television and the establishment of the cooperation were also highlighted.

Journalists, editors, press freedom advocates and experts were invited to give their suggestions for future guidance to help the EU in order to reach a higher level of media freedom and integrity of the media in B&H.

(Source: Fena)

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