Cooperation of BIH and Montenegro in energy sector

rukovanje_aFBIH Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Erdal Trhulj, together with representatives of Energoinvest headed by manager Enes Čengić, are in their visit to Montenegro, where they’ll meet with high Montenegrin officials.

They talked with the president of the Board of Directors of Montenegrin Transmission System (CGES) about the current projects in Montenegro in energy sector.

Minister of Economy of Montenegro Vladimir Kavarić, together with his associates, advisor to president of Government of Montenegro for Economic issues Ranko Milović and deputy minister of economy Marko Vujović presented possibilities of business in this neighbouring country

Trhulj in Podgorica also presented BiH companies in order to create new business opportunities in this close market, as well as the possibility of the engagement of Montenegrin companies in BiH market.

Energoinvest has a long tradition of successful business in Montenegro, and this visit and talks with the highest Montenegrin officials from the field of energy and economy open the possibilities of return to the market of this neighbouring country and opening new businesses on mutual satisfaction.

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