Coordination of different parliamentary bodies in BiH is strengthening

Representatives of parliaments of BiH, FBiH and RS have agreed that Bosnia and Herzegovina should soon get a common institution – a forum for cooperation in the field of European integration.

Participants of the meeting announced that in the context of European integration of BiH, before the formation of the forum, they should sign a protocol.

” Experiences in the parliaments of BiH,RS and FBiH are different and uneven, and so there is a need for coordination among the parliaments in BiH in order to speed up the process of European integrations. Firm accomplishment were reached today in strengthening the system of coordination, and a new institution should be formed whose members would be presidents”, said the Chairman of the House of Representatives of FBiH Fehim Škaljić

Chairman of the Joint Committee for European Integration of the Parliament of BiH Halid Genjac recalls mechanisms for coordination are one of the conditions of the Road map, as well as the implementation of the Sejdic-Finci ruling.

”On this meeting we ensured the efficiency of the mechanism for coordination of the parliamentary bodies. I believe it guarantees that in the next year we shall start with more enthusiasm regarding the coordinated fulfillment of obligations on the road to European integrations”, said Genjac.

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