Court of BiH delivered a Final Ruling on Case of Extradition of former Croatian Dinamo Football Executive

An appeals chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has delivered a final ruling banning the extradition of former football executive Zdravko Mamić to Croatia because legal conditions for such a move have not been met, the Sarajevo-based court said on Monday, Hina reports.

The appeals chamber thus upheld a previous ruling of August 29.

Croatian authorities on June 11 requested Mamić’s transfer so that he could continue standing trial before the Osijek County Court on charges of conspiracy and breach of trust.

In its latest ruling, the Bosnian court determined that conditions for the handover of the former Dinamo football club director had not been met considering that the crime he is charged with in Croatia is not defined as a criminal offense in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mamić fled to Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose citizenship he holds along with Croatian citizenship, just a day before the Osijek court was to deliver a sentencing verdict in a case in which he was charged with siphoning money from Dinamo.

Mamić, who has been staying in Međugorje, is protected from extradition to Croatia by his Bosnian citizenship.

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