Cudic in Belgrade: International Community should not collaborate with those who deny the Genocide

Sabina Cudic, a member of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH)and President of the Main Board of Our Party (Nasa stranka), visited Belgrade yesterday, where she spoke about issues of legal responsibility in connection with the denial of genocide against Bosniaks in Srebrenica.

She spoke about the earlier initiative of Our Party to pass the Law on the Ban of Genocide Denial, the latest amendments to the BiH Criminal Code, but also the context of the international community’s attitude towards those who deny the genocide.

“I am grateful and inspired by activists in the region who have been fighting bravely for years against denial of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. These are the values that Our Party lives and advocates. I am grateful for the call, recognition of our work, and I am ready to contribute to further strategies. in the Parliament, in the non-governmental sector, through advocacy in international institutions, ” emphasized Cudic.

During her visit to Belgrade, Cudic also sent a call to European institutions.

“This is both a call and a warning to European institutions to set stronger value conditions for the European path – in which their main interlocutors must not be politicians who try to deprive victims of their human dignity by denying court rulings,” Cudic stressed.

Besides Cudic, prominent legal experts Tea Gorjanc Prelevic and Ivana Zanic spoke at the panel, their topic was the denial of genocide in Montenegro and Serbia.

The organizers of yesterday‘s conference, which brought together leaders of civil society and institutions from the region, are the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, the ZFD Forum, and the Independent Association of Journalists of Vojvodina.


Source: Klix.ba

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