Prosecutor’s Office of BiH: Several Indictments in the Field of high Corruption are expected

Acting Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Milanko Kajganic, on the occasion of the Anti-Corruption Day, participated in a high-level conference dedicated to the fight against corruption, organized by Transparency International BiH where it was discussed about modalities and possibilities for strengthening institutional cooperation and fighting corruption.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH is expected to file several indictments in the field of high corruption in the upcoming period.

Also, representatives of the group of citizens of ReStart BiH and whistleblowers visited the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH on the occasion of December 9th, Anti-Corruption Day.

During the visit, they met with Diana Kajmakovic, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, as well as prosecutors from the Anti-Corruption Department, Mladen Furtula and Mirza Hukeljic.

The meeting discussed the possibilities of citizens and employees of institutions to report corruption and be representatives of the so-called ‘whistleblowers’, who are known worldwide as persons who point to corruption within companies, enterprises, and institutions, ” it was stated by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

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