Cycling Spectacle and Great Fun on TrebaDH downhill race on Trebevic

Treba DHMore than 30 persons participated in TrebaDH downhill race that was held yesterday on Trebevic. Competitors from B&H, Serbia and Croatia showed their skills on two wheels in the downhill through the specially prepared track.

Adrenaline and great fun delighted all attendees, as competitors as well as visitors who really enjoyed in this rarely seen spectacle.

“The race went great. We had several gentle falls, but there was no need for ambulance interventions. The race was organized by categories: juniors, seniors and total ranking. All are satisfied with the race and track, and carry positive experiences. We are already planning race for the next year as well, for which we hope to be at the higher level“, said Medin Muslic from the organization of the race TrebaDH Sarajevo 2015.

The best cyclists got valuable prizes. For a total ranking, prize for the first place was 500 BAM, for the second one 300 BAM and for the third  one 100 BAM, while juniors and seniors got valuable merchandise prizes.

The best ranking in the category of juniors won Kamer Kolar (1st place), Andeja Korica (2nd place) and Jovan Blesic (3rd place).

In the category of seniors the best ones were Nikola Klacinski (1st place), Edina Pasic (2nd place) and Frano Liovic (3rd place).

In the total ranking the best ones were Nikola Klacinski (1st place), Kamer Kolar (2nd place) and Edin Pasic (3rd place).

After the end of the race, party for all attendees was organized.


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