Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod has threatened RS Leadership with Sanctions

During the online conference on Bosnia and Herzegovina entitled “BiH – 30 years of modern independence – challenges and perspectives on the path to EU membership”, Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said that the territorial integrity of BiH must not be endangered and that all those who threaten it will face severe sanctions.
Kofod pointed out that there is no place in Europe for those who threaten peace and stability.

“However, these two anniversaries are not a reason to celebrate because the situation in BiH is very serious, which has not been for years. We hear stories of secession and disintegration of the state. We in Europe have taken peace for granted in the last quarter of a century, but BiH citizens know that he can be fragile, ”Kofod said.

He added that the current political crisis was caused by the decisions of the Republika Srpska entity authorities and that he would face sanctions if he continued on the same path, stressing that the constitutional order could be changed only in accordance with the Constitution and other political leaders.

“The BiH constitution needs to be improved, it has established a complicated arrangement. A compromise may have been needed at the time of the war, but today it is a great burden for the country,” Kofod said.

Representatives of Sweden and Finland expressed similar views in terms of sanctions a month ago during the meeting of NATO ministers, but also the meeting of EU foreign ministers, which was held in November last year.

Also two days ago, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde condemned the inflammatory rhetoric of the RS leadership and said divisions must stop.

In view of all that has been said, the growing interest of the Scandinavian countries in the political crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the commitment to impose sanctions on Milorad Dodik is noticeable.

Source: Klix.ba

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