Đapo Received the Board of Director of Raiffeisen Bank BiH

The Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury Minister Edita Đapo received the Director of Raiffeisen Bank in BiH Michael Muller.

It was announced at the meeting that in 2013 they expect a number of challenges in the area of economics, as well as in the banking sector, and that it is necessary to persevere in their efforts to create the conditions to establish the conditions for a successful business.

Đapo announced that all measures have been taken with the aim of repairing the credit rating of BiH, and which last year recorded a decline due to delay in the payment of foreign debt.

‘’In process is the adoption of amendments to the Law on Financing of BiH institutions so that in the future foreign debt can be prevented from not being paid off, and even in situations of temporary funding, which was the case last year’’, said Đapo.

Muller spoke with the Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH about the work of Raiffeisen Bank that employees 1,600 people in BiH.

Đapo thanked Muller for the honest cooperation, as well as an understanding of the business that the management and employees in Raiffeisen Bank had for the specific requirements and needs of the Ministry, announced the Ministry of Finance and Treasury BiH.

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