The Day when the Tunnel under the Sarajevo Airport was excavated

The anniversary of the excavation of the Tunnel D-B, the breeze of freedom that came through this tunnel to the besieged city and gave new strength to people of Sarajevo to survive the years of war, was marked yesterday in Sarajevo.

The Tunnel of Hope was excavated on July 31, 1993, below the Sarajevo Airport, with the aim to connect Sarajevo with the rest of the territory of BiH.

Minister for Issues of Veterans and Disabled Defenders of the Liberation War Salko Bukvarevic believes that this object is a witness of the brutal aggression on BiH and the survival of people of Sarajevo.

He especially noted the importance of marking this date, because it testifies the fight of citizens for freedom and tells the truth about the siege of Sarajevo, which should never happen to any other city in the world.

“The Tunnel of Hope is a testimony to the heroic defense of the Army of the Republic of BiH, which defended Sarajevo, but also about the struggle of every citizen to survive,” stated Bukvarevic.

Although there is no exact data on the number of people who went through the tunnel during the war, the Director of the Memorial Fund Suad Zijadic believes that this number exceeded a million.

The second use of this tunnel, as he noted, is the Memorial complex that is now visited by several thousand visitors on a daily basis.

On this occasion was also opened the exhibition of photographs of people who have participated in the construction of the tunnel in any way. Among them are those who came to this idea, as well as citizens who realized it by digging the tunnel and installing the railway.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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