Decrease in Perpetrated Criminal Offenses by Adult Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In 2019, Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina resolved 22.035 reports (charges) on perpetrated criminal offenses for adult persons, which was 611 charges lower or 2,7% less in comparison with the previous year. Out of the total number of reported adult persons, 85,84% is reffered to known perpetrators and 14,16% to unknown perpetrators. Also in the total number of reported persons 88,88% is reffered to male perpetrators, according to data of BiH’s AGency for Statistics.

In the same period, 11.334 decisions (charges) were made, which was 67 charges (or 0,59%) more in comparison with the previous year. The total number of convicted adult perpetrators is 10.377, which is in comparison with the previous year 0,67% more. In the total number of convicted persons, 92,79% of cases were court verdicts against male perpetrators.

Criminal offenses against property were the most represented. In the number of reported persons, the participation of property crime was 37,95%, while for accused this percentage was 30,6% and for convicted 30,44%.

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