Delegation of House of Representatives Spoke with Minister of Azerbaijan

During the second day of an official visit to Azerbaijan, the Delegation of the BiH House of Representatives, consisting of the Chairman Božo Ljubić, Deputy Chairman Denis Bećirović and representative Milica Marković had three separate meetings with senior officials in Azerbaijan.

The Minister of Health of Azerbaijan Ogtaj Shiralijev spoke with the members of our Delegation to improve the level of medicinal care in his country and expressed his interest for cooperation, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The experience of BiH in this area represents an excellent basis for forming close cooperation.

He also said that in preparation is a Memorandum on the understanding between our two countries in the area of healthcare.

Chairman Ljubić spoke of the way in which BiH is organizing a system of healthcare that represents a continuation of a very developed system that existed before the war.

As a modality of the exchange of experience he emphasized intensive contact between medical professionals and students that would contribute to the development of medical education.

He pointed out the quality of universal clinical centers in Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka and Tuzla, and Minister Shiralijev expressed his interest to sign the Memorandum of cooperation of these centers with clinics in Azerbaijan.

During the meeting with the Minister of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafay, they spoke of the need to intensify economic cooperation between the two countries.

As a precondition of progress, the necessity to agree on and sign bilateral agreements on the protection of investment and economic and trade relations was emphasized.

Ljubić used the opportunity to speak about the natural resources in BiH for which investors from Azerbaijan could be interested, and expressed hope that we will soon have the chance to speak about concrete projects.

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