Democratic Principles Have to Develop in BiH

Marieluise Beck, member of the German Bundestag for 20 years, believes that in BiH, in the heart of Europe, democratic principles could develop. Otherwise, it could be said that Europe has failed.

Beck said this to journalists yesterday after her stay in the Sarajevo headquarters of the European Union Delegation to BiH.

She pointed out that the implementation of “Sejdić-Finci” in our country should find a way to connect two principles-one is that BiH has three constituent peoples and that this foundation should not come into question, and the second that in democratic countries there have to be the right individuals who do not side with any ethnic group.

“We still do not have exact knowledge of what was agree on in Brussels, but it is clear that the time has come for a historical compromise so that BiH could open its doors to Europe”, said Marieluise Beck.

Ambassador Peter Sorensen was a ‘huge optimist’, she continued, when in Autumn he expected that BiH would get candidate status in transition between last year and this year. She hopes that BiH citizens would not remain in a ‘fight for ethnic’, but rather that eventually the way would be open for more employment, creation of better conditions for the development of health policy, education, infrastructure, and for all other issues in which the EU could help’’, she said.

Despite that fact that the EU is in a crisis over the euro, German policy according to this member of the Bundestag “is waiting for BiH to become a candidate and an equal member of the European Union countries”.

“We are waiting for BiH as a state, and not as a divided country, but the internal system is so complicated’’, said Marieluise Beck.

She emphasized that the solution in our country cannot come from the outside, but rather from the inside and that the EU and the Office of the High Representative could assist.

Beck hopes that the Dayton constitution, otherwise tailored for two weeks, was intended as an interim solution, changes and that it would experience further development and that BiH citizens, especially young people, would have enough confidence to demand changes from their politicians.

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