Dina Usanovic went to Germany with 19 BAM, today is a Successful Manager

DinaDina Usanovic from Gorazde, manager of West Germany in the world’s leading companies for the production of geodetic instruments, welcomed another successful business year with her friends in Gorazde.

She says that she feels the best on the Drina River, even though she has possibilities to travel and go in any part of the world. She has a great career, she is geodesy engineer, expert in her work, great manager, great team leader and initiator of many projects, which are including collaboration with universities from the region.

Although she spent one part of her life in Germany, going to that country at the beginning of the war in B&H was definite. This time she went as refugees from B&H with her younger sister, hoping that they will return home in Gorazde soon. However, life had a completely different plan for her.

“Germany was the closest back then, and we planned first to be there until things calm down but later, we all know what happened. I left with my sister. I had 19 BAM in my pocket. I did everything to earn some money, and I managed to succeed. Everything can be achieved with hard work. Hard work and persistence is behind all success. And our Bosnian spite, because that is what was leading me, because wherever we go we manage to find our way,” said Dina Usanovic.

In order to achieve today’s success, she says, she had to be three times better than the others. This is the only recipe.

“I have proved that I am better than the others, that I am a good professional. It’s not enough just to say something, you have to prove it as well. I’m not one of those who know everything, but I know who does. It was much more difficult to me as a woman in this business, because women in technical jobs particularly have to prove their value, more than others. But discipline, persistence and hard work always give the result. I am pretty independent in my work and I have a team of professionals who are the best in their area. I am trying to engage more experts from our country. I’m on the front line where sale is the most important and I am the best in it. I work for a big company, and it is logical that the profit is on the first place. Without false modesty, I can say that I always knew where I want to be and even now I have my own kind of 5-year plan, I am always saying if God gives us good health, but I believe that the goals are very important. If you do not have a goal then you are wasting your energy in the wrong directions and there will be no progress,” she said.

For several years now, Dina is the Head of the Association Mettman-Gorazde. These two cities have strong bonds of friendship, which are dating back from the ‘70s of the last century when people from Gorazde were going to the Western world looking for job. Mettman was the first brother city of Gorazde. This cooperation lasted until this day and it always will.

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