Djemal Memagic: Mayor who gives his Wage to the Students

Djemal Memagic Mayor of Olovo avaz.baMemagic is the Mayor of Olovo Municipality, who has been working pro bono for more than three years now. His salary, which amounts to around 2.500 BAM, he gives to the pupils and students.

Although it sound unbelievable, the story coming from Olovo is true. Prior to the elections in 2012, the municipal Mayor Djemal Memagic promised he will, if he is chosen to the mayor position, work for free. Memagic became the mayor and kept the promise. Whole salary, regress, meal allowances – he gives everything to the pupils and students.

Memagic explained why he decided to take this step.

Memagic pointed out that he owns his company, and thereby he has no need to receive salary as a Mayor. What is important to be emphasized is that, besides the wage, the Mayor of Olovo gives all other allowances, such as meal allowances and regress, for the humanitarian purposes.

The scholarships he grants are systematically distributed among the pupils and students who are educating for deficit occupations which Olovo lacks in. Scholarship for students amounts to 170 BAM and 120 BAM for pupils. Memagic does not like to talk about his move and considers it is logical, given the situation which he is in.

When he was elected a Mayor, Memagic first dedicated to introducing order in the Municipality itself. He stopped unprofessional attitude towards the workplace and initiated social engagement of everyone. One of his most significant projects is the reconstruction of facades on local buildings. In order to complete that project as soon as possible, he negotiated that the Municipality, companies that maintain the buildings and citizens participate in it all together. In a short time, former grey buildings were painted in bright colors.

The Mayor of Olovo noted that everything can be changed, but it is necessary to think differently. Besides that, control matters, especially when it comes to tax collection. A positive atmosphere which was certainly encouraged by the Mayor Memagic is currently ruling Olovo. The progress was noticed quite fast, especially when it comes to economy.

(Source: klix.ba)

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