Do you know how many Vehicles are registered in Sarajevo?

vehiclesEvery day there are more and more crowds in Canton Sarajevo.

Besides frequent accidents, failures of both public and private vehicles, a big problem is a number of vehicles. If we add to it a poor infrastructure, poor public transport, we have a recipe for a catastrophe that will become even worse, if we take a look on statistics.

Statistics say that a number of registered vehicles in the country is increasing every year.

In the last year, around million vehicles were registered, which is, compared to 2013, increase of almost 3%. In the Federation of B&H, 568.872 vehicles were registered (3.2% more compared to 2013), in the Republic Srpska 324.691 (2.18% more compared to 2013) and in the District Brcko 28.080 vehicles (5% more compared to 2013).

Out of almost million registered vehicles, even 801.387 vehicles are in the category of passenger cars.

Also 10.000 motorcycles, 4.000 buses, 76.000 trucks, 24.000 trailers, 4.000 tractors and more than 900 working machines were registered.

Incredible 117.116 passenger cars were registered in Canton Sarajevo, which is an increase of 3.25% compared to 2013.

Considering the fact that more than 100.000 cars are circulating through the roads of Sarajevo, it is not surprising that we are facing the traffic collapse. And as number are growing each year, if we do not start to solve problem systematically, it will be worse and even more crowded…

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba/ Photo: prvi.tv)

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