Do you know the Story of a Mosque in BiH that received a Chandelier from Emperor Franz Joseph?

The City Mosque in Cazin, which is located on a hill above the old city, was one of the largest religious buildings in BiH through history.

The City Mosque in Cazin is located on the highest plateau of the fortress of the Old Town, which was built in the Middle Ages, according to archaeological findings and remains of the fortress. Cazin and its surroundings were inhabited by members of the tribe Kacic, according to historian Luposic.

“The City Mosque in Cazin was one of the largest mosques in BiH before the war. Considering the fact that Friday is market day in Cazin, all Muslims who came to Cazin on Friday went to the City Mosque to pray. Old people often say that there were up to 2,000 people on the Friday prayer,” said Smajo Sabic.

The mosque, which is now a national monument, has the shape of an elongated rectangle, and the total dimension of this mosque is 14 x 28 meters. The height of the object is 8 meters. It is made of stone and the walls are 85 cm thick.

The exterior look of this mosque is different from all the other mosques. On all four sides of the façade, which is white, there is a line that divides mosque into two levels. The mosque has a total of 39 windows arranged in two horizontal lines.

There is a beautiful chandelier in the central part of the mosque. That chandelier was sent to Cazin by no less than Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, as soon as the mosque was constructed back in 1880.

“During the last year’s renovation of the mosque stairs, they found a lantern that was made in Austria from 1890 and a few empty ammunition chests,” said ef. Sabic, adding that they have fewer believers now due to the fact that several more mosques were constructed in this city in the period after the war.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)



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