Do You remember Story about Four Sisters and their Horses in Srebrenica?


In the village of Jasenovo near Srebrenica, for sisters Bektic live with their parents. Three years ago, they became known in BiH, for their beauty, but also for the way how they proudly ride their horses.

Four of them, Kadira, Fatima, Dženeta and Ćamka are daughters of father Emin who, in order to earn money, went in 1970 to Germany.

“I lived in Germany for 33 years. When I retired, I returned to my Jasenova. After that, I started buying horses and since then I have always had horses, that is a tradition that I inherited from my father. A good portion of my pension I spend on food for the horses and those are big financial allocations,” says Emin.

Currently, Emin has twelve horses, and the story of his family came into the focus of BiH when the photos of author Ado Hasanovic appeared on the Internet.

Emin’s daughters, Ćamka and Kadira are going to school in Sarajevo, Fatima attends a madrassah (Islamic high school) in Visoko, while Dženeta goes to elementary school in Srebrenica.

These four daughters are not Emin’s only children. He has ten of them from several marriages.

Work in the mines of Westphalia was very hard for him, but he earned a German pension.

Above all, Emin loves horses. Once, whom he loved, he raised a monument:

“Since I was born, I had horses. Instead of growing up in the crib, I grew up in a saddle. I had one good horse. I wish now that I have him instead of these nine. I got up a monument to him,” concludes Emin.

(Source: focus/ photo Ado Hasanovic)

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