Do you know the Legends of Haunted Places in BiH?

received_1730359320534078People are interested and entertained by scary stories about haunted houses and legends about ghost for centuries.
The stories about fairies, phantoms, ghosts are an integral part of local legends. Every town and village has its stories about creepy houses, haunted hallways (Envera Sehovica Street in Sarajevo), creepy factories (Tuzla) etc.

We are bringing you the story about the scariest place in BiH…


Small town Todorovo, in the northwest of BiH, could become the inspiration for the movie, due to the “house of evil ghosts”, and the locals do not even want to go anywhere near of it. Citizens of Todorovo believe that the house is haunted because of its dark past…
Locals from Todorovo, near Velika Kladusa, are claiming that they hear terrifying and horrific screams at night from the “haunted house”. In its vicinity, phones and similar technical devices stop working. All doors and windows on the house are closed with wooden planks. Legend says that there was a graveyard on that place. At the end of the 19th century, Muslim imams were planning to build a school there. Imams spread their tents and spent few nights at this place, and then suddenly left Todorovo in the silence and visibly upset, and never came back.

The first house on the “cursed foundations” was built at the beginning of the last century, according to the oldest resident of Todorovo, 81-year-old Kadir Ibricic. It was destroyed in the World War I and at the end of World War II it was burned to the ground. “During World War II, Husein Basic bought the property, and built a new house on the same place. However, it did not last long for long and it was burned to the ground again,” said Kadir Ibricic.

Once again, it was built and furnished, and during the war in BiH soldiers occupied the area and took furniture from the house and smashed the glass. No one moved in for a long time, nor has stayed there because of the story of the hunted place.
(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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