Documentary film ”Mirza Delibašić – a legend” at the Art Cinema ”Kriterion”

Documentary film ”Mirza Delibašić- a legend” will be screened at the Art Cinema ”Kriterion” on the 9th of January. The director of this documentary is Miroslav Benković. After the film, all visitors will have the opportunity to join the author of the film on a free drink and talk about the film and the life of this legendary B&H basketball player and his generation. The documentary  film ”Mirza Delibašić – a legend“shows his life from the childhood days till the end of his professional carrier. The shooting of this documentary lasted for three years. Danko Delibašić, Nenad Marković and numerous Mirza’s friends and colleagues participated in this project.

Mirza Delibašić Kinđe was a great B&H basketball player and athlete. He died in Sarajevo on the 8th of December 2001. He started his carrier as a tennis player and was the pioneer champion of B&H in tennis. Very soon he started playing basketball in the team ”Sloboda” from Tuzla. He transferred to ”Bosna” in 1972. He played around 700 matches and scored around 14.000 points. In 1980 he transferred to ”Real Madrid”, where he was one of the best players. During his carrier in ”Real Madrid” he earned a nick name ” El Monstruo” because he was fearless in his matches. This documentary film will be screened at 17:30 p.m. The entrance is free for all.

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