Dodik: The Referendum on the Accession of BiH to NATO to be held as soon as possible

The President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik said that they should have a referendum on the accession of BiH to NATO as soon as possible.

The President of the RS emphasized that an adequate response is to hold this planned, agreed and generally accepted referendum as soon as possible, in order for the people in the RS to clearly state their opinion.

Dodik noted that NATO interfered with internal issues in BiH too much and created this situation in order for BiH to be formally accepted as a member of that alliance, without the consent of the RS.

He said that it violates the principle of voluntary NATO accession, as well as that this policy mostly corresponds to the Bosniaks, and not the RS.

The President of the RS said that the international community recognizes everything that is against the Serbs and recalled the Bosniak-Croat referendum that was held on March 1, 1992, which was about the secession of BiH, and which the Serbs did not want, but the international community still recognized it.

Dodik added that the RS wants to make it clear that it will not join NATO in a situation where the world is polarized, if it would mean taking only one side and giving support to only one policy, and if that would mean the loss of some friendly countries which are not part of NATO, including Russia and some other countries.

(Source: N1)

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