Dodik urges Izetbegovic to apologise

After the extended session of the Executive Committee of SNSD, its’ president Milorad Dodik, called on Bakir Izetbegovic, the leader of SDA, to apologize for saying that Serbs are bad people, Avaz writes.

”I sincerely hope that Izetbegovic regrets his racist statement and that his closest associates told him that it was not a proper statement. I hope so. My opinion is that this is not just a separate statement and that many people around him think just like him, ” Dodik stated.

He said that if Izetbegovic apologized, the Serbs might forgive him, but it was not surprising or strange for Dodik that he thought that way about Serbs.

”We already knew that before, but the good thing is that everyone has heard it now. I respect all peoples, and I am truly sorry that Izetbegovic has such an attitude. With that statement, Izetbegovic left the field of political conflict and entered the field of fight against Serbs, ” said Dodik, reminding that such a struggle was led by the Nazis in this territory.

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