Dodik and Vucic met on the “host Lunch”

dodik-vucicAfter commemoration to victims of Ustasha crimes in Donja Gradina, President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik and President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met in Bosanska Dubica.

At the informal meeting, they discussed the current political issues in BiH and the arising from the Reform Agenda.

Dodik said that an informal meeting was in fact a “host lunch”.

“Vučić was interested in the situation in BiH, for the blockages that are taking place, what will happen when Croats submit a request for amendments to the electoral law …,” said Dodik to reporters.

Moreover, he added that Vucic was particularly interested in the idea of a customs union for all Balkan countries outside the European Union. In addition, Dodik emphasized that Republika Srpska supports this idea

“There is a growing conviction that the situation in BiH is impossible to change, but regardless of whether it is bad or how bad a year can be, the framework cannot be touched, but I think the time will come and we will speak about it,” added Dodik.

(Source: faktor)


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