Donation of 25 tons of Flour for socially endangered Families

Flour Donation klix.baOn the occasion of the commercial “To the end with the best”, recently published by HIFA GROUP, owners of this company decided to donate the equal amount invested in the commercial to charity.

Thereby, a truck loaded with flour, more precisely 25 tons of flour which are to be distributed across B&H, was delivered yesterday to the premises of the association Pomozi.ba.

According to the founder of association Pomozi.ba Elvir Karalić, one part of flour will be distributed among socially vulnerable families and individuals, another part will be donated to various homes for elderly and infirm persons, then homes for persons with developmental disabilities, while one part will be donated to public kitchens which are in a very difficult situation and which dispose with scarce amounts of food.

Furthermore, Karalić added that this donation also marks the beginning of cooperation between the HIFA GROUP and the association Pomozi.ba, expressing hope that in the future they will jointly help a large number of those who indeed need help.

For all activities of the charity organization Pomozi.ba, visit their webpage (http://pomozi.ba/) or official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Pomozi-222427534556187/ ).

(Source: klix.ba)

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