Dr Kenan Crnkić, author of the Balkans bestseller, presented his new book

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Dr Kenan Crnkić, author of the Balkans bestseller 7 Secrets to Success, has attracted great interest at the 60th International Belgrade Book Fair where his new book of a thought-provoking title Beware Which Wolf You Feed has been successfully presented.

The book about happiness (how to find, pursue and retain it in our lives permanently) has aroused strong interest and become one of the bestsellers at the biggest book fair in the Region, side by side with the world bestsellers and their famous writers.

Although Dr Crnkić’s work and motivating contents are followed daily via his website and popular social networks by 100,000 people and fans of various walks of life, the very fact that the promotion lasted eight hours instead of two best illustrates how much people in this region desperately crave for happiness and positive stories.

Dr Crnkić’s readers and fans lined up for an autograph, as reported by all leading Serbian and regional media.

As of Monday the book Beware Which Wolf You Feed may be found in all well-supplied regional bookshops, as well as online on


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