Dragan Lukac reassures the Public: There are no Conditions for War in BiH

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska (RS), Dragan Lukac, believes that there are no conditions for war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), nor is there any need for anyone to think about it.

“I am sure that no normal man will send his child to a new war on either side,” Lukac noted.

He emphasized that “the current generation of politicians must not take the people into a new conflict because it would not bring anything good to anyone.”

According to him, all the people who took part in the war and the war acts on either side know very well that no one in this area needs or wants war.

“The current generation of politicians must not take the people to a new war, they must not send young people like my generation once without thinking about what will happen, and the consequence of all this is that we had thousands of dead, hundreds of thousands displaced, and even today, we live very badly precisely because of those war actions. No one can saythat the war brought him something good,” Lukac said.

As he stated, if this generation of politicians tries in any way to cause the war again and send the young generation to some new war events, “then all the people in BiH must punish these individuals in an appropriate way, more precisely in the political sense in the elections by not giving them the possibility to decide”.

“We knew and saw that most of the children of the politicians who sent me and my generation into the war were not in thatwar. I am sure that even the children of the politicians who are calling for war today, in order to be great leaders, will not be in the war either. They will hide somewhere else, and other people’s children would fight and die for their ideas and madness, ” concluded Lukac.


Source: Klix.ba

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