A Dump turned into an Eco Museum: Little Heaven near Novi Travnik

eko muzejA group of locals from the village of Čehova near Novi Travnik turned the dump located next to the road to a pleasant relaxation site.

They called it an eco-ethno museum because they already started bringing old objects and unusual stones from their homes to this place, and hikers who want to rest at this place while climbing the Kuk can also see the unusual exhibition of hiking sticks.

The action was led by Drago Marajnović Mikac.

“It was a shame to just pass the dump that bothers the entire village. At the same time, we all disposed our waste there. I got an idea: that we make a small eco-ethno museum there, a pleasant relax spot, right there. We had a little opening ceremony so our locals, hikers and friends came. In a short period of time, we managed to arrange the bed of the creek using stones and useful waste, make small trails, a pond, and people started gathering for a coffee there,” said Drago Marjanović.

His neighbor and friend Anto Bavrka was among the first people to join the action.

“This is a real example how to make a small relax oasis out of a dump, with just a little bit of good will. People come here to socialize, drink coffee, visit this unusual museum and talk. The museum has lights and next year we intend to cover it, too, so that people can talk and drink coffee here at every time of the year,” Anto added.

What is interesting is that in this museum you can see an old petroleum lamp, a lantern, wecker clock, sticks of different shapes and sizes, a miniature Bosnian house and a barn with cattle, and many other things.

Niko Stipić donated to this museum the sticks that he makes as a hobby. They became the first permanent museum exhibition.

“I was thinking what to do for the museum. Then I remembered the sticks I make for hikers, but also for ordinary people who need them. On the grip throttle they have different figures, animals, and other things. They fit well in the ambient of the eco-ethno museum in Čehova,” said Stipić.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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