Electronic edition of “On the border with the EU” has been published

Directorate for the European Integration in BiH has published an electronic edition of booklet ”On the border with the EU” on their web page

Booklet has 76 questions and answers about the influences of Croatian accession to the EU on BiH and its citizens.

Questions are grouped in four categories, and they deal with situation that BiH citizens might find problematic in everyday life.

Booklet is primarily intended for the Internet uses, and some question have further references.

Answers to questions which were partly collected via the Internet were verified by the competent institutions of BiH as well as the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia.

Creating an online booklet is one of the activities that DEI is working on in order to inform the public of the implications of Croatian accession to the EU for BiH.

The booklet will be printed in the first trimester of 2013.

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