Electronic Health Cards to be issued this Year?

cards (1)Within the pilot project of the Health Insurance Institute of Canton Sarajevo about 20,000 health cards were distributed to certain categories of insured persons, the disabled and pensioners in Canton Sarajevo so far.

“The Institute has allocated 100,000 BAM for the implementation of a pilot project, including printers, magnetic card readers and supplies. Department is printing electronic cards by itself and tenders for the procurement of equipment and supplies took place in 2013 and 2014,” according to the associate of the Health Insurance Institute of Canton Sarajevo Ernesa Zornic.

“Given that the results of the test phase are satisfying, the Institute will, upon harmonizing the visual appearance of cards, continue with the implementation of the project this year, with distribution of additional 20,000 electronic cards.

The electronic health card should primarily make the access to insured health care system easier in a sense that there will be no standing in lines and monthly verification of health care cards, insurance status will be electronically confirmed, and healthcare professionals will be able to access patient’s data that is contained in the system much easier. The card can be already used in almost all health care institutions in Canton Sarajevo.

“It showed to be a good project in practice. Two years ago, the cards were distributed to citizens with unquestionable health status in the insurance, war veterans, the chronically ill patients, paraplegics, persons older than 65 years,” said spokesman of PI “Dom zdravlja” Sarkic, and explained that this way the paperwork is reduced, it makes administrative part of work much easier and speeds up the work with patients in electronic form.

(Source: E. Hadzimejlic/Faktor.ba)

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