Emergency State Declared

prirodna_nesrecaFB&H government, on the proposal of the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters made the decision to declare the emergency state (state of natural disaster) in the territory of FB&H created by heavy rainfalls that caused overflowing of rivers and torrential streams from riverbeds and floods of a large number of infrastructural and housing facilities, as well as agricultural and other lands.

The government of FB&H for the protection and rescue of people and properties at risk, ordered all Federal Ministries, administrative departments, administrative organization, legal entities and other institutions to make available Federal Civil Protection Headquarters, component cantonal, municipal and city civil protection departments, and also to make available all the resources, which will protect and rescue people and material goods at the areas in risk.

The FB&H government for this purpose and according to the decision, allocated 2.000.000 BAM from the FB&H budget for 2014.


(Source: Fena)

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