“Energoinvest” is Building 250 Kilometers of Transmission Lines in Albania

Sarajevo Company ‘’Energoinvest’’ began the project to build 250 kilometers long 110kV transmission lines in Albania, as well as the reconstruction and expansion of the facilities for five substations with a voltage level of 110kV.

‘’Energoinvest’’ has already opened an office in Tirana and carried out the necessary preparations to begin its work, which will be led by ‘’Energoinvest’’ employees. Albanian firms in cooperation with ‘’Energoinvest’’ will work in the field.

‘’Given that this is about a project operating under the system ‘key in hand’, it has already begun. ‘’Energoinvest is responsible for the design, unit testing, equipment procurement, construction and commissioning of transmission lines and substation lines. The German Development Bank KfW is financing it. ‘Energoinvest’ designers are already working, and field work will begin upon an advance payment that is expected for several months. The deadline to finish the job is 30 months from the date of taking over the building sites, plus 2 months to test the lines’’, announced ‘’Energoinvest’’ to FENA.

‘’Energoinvest’’ signed an agreement with OST Albania (Elektroprenos) in Tirana on 31 January on the construction of transmission lines, reconstruction and the expansion of five substation plants in southern Albania.

The value of the contract is 30.5 million euros.

‘’Energoinvest’’ will work in strict accordance with the requirements of the tender, and will be supervised by the consultant company ‘’Fichtner’’ from Germany.

There was high competition for this job in Albania that‘’Energoinvest’’ d.d. obtained, because around 20 global and respectable companies had the tender documents. Other companies that gave offers were ‘’SA-RA” from Turkey, ‘’Dalekovod” from Croatia, and ‘’Iberdrola’’ from Spain.

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