Erasmus Student Network Sarajevo-Press Release

Erasmus_NEWStudents, professors and athletes will not be able to be a part of a new big project of the EU called Erasmus+ starting from next January. This project, whose fund is 40 percent higher than the funds of all previous projects for student mobility (sum of 14,7 billion Euros) offers the possibilities for student exchange, internships, volunteering and even working in a European country. Currently, we regret to say that due to the irresponsibility of the competent authorities in B&H, none of this will be available to young people in our country. As the public is already aware of, the RS Ministry of Education and Culture did not give consent for the participation of B&H in this important educational program.

The student nonprofit organization Erasmus Student Network Sarajevo (ESN), in which one of the objectives is to lend support to students from B&H who wish to participate in projects of student exchanges believes that this decision damages exclusively students and young people who lost the chance to be a part of the program that lasts from 2014-2020, a chance to gain new international experiences that could be applied in our country. With this in mind, a petition was launched on this link, as well as on the Facebook site called ‘Support Page for Students Who Want B&H to Be Part of Erasmus+’.

ESN Sarajevo calls on you to sign the petition, to join the support page, and in this way lift the voice for equal rights of B&H students with the rights of their colleagues all over Europe.

(Source: Erasmus Student Network Sarajevo)

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