Ermin Čeliković’s interesting photography project

The concept of keeping a diary a year has been transformed a lot of times into other forms of writing or by other means of documenting time other than with paper and ink. Another exception is the interesting project by an 18 year old Ermin Čeliković from Tuzla, who documented every day of the previous 2012 in photographs.  He took photos wherever he went and now has 366 photos of each day of 2012. This young photographer is currently studying  Software Development in Graz.

This project, as Ermin says, has sprung from the idea to try to document one year of his life. This project is also not his original idea, and there are a lot more talented photographers who are trying to start a project like this. As he is into Software Development, he says that photography is mainly his hobby and that he had turned down several offers to do photos for money.

” Taking into consideration that I do not do photography for money, but for pleasure, I usually give numbers of people who do that for money”- said Čeliković.

His project entitled ”Project 366” has that many photographs who have aroused positive criticism, so this young man does get asked a lot about a potential exhibition of photography. The author of this project says that he never thought of doing the exhibition while he was working on the project, and that he doubts that 366 photos could be organized anywhere for an exhibition.

This young man from Tuzla is fully committed to his studies, and programming is what he does best and  he wants to pursue as a future profession. He also kindly recommends this project to anyone who is interested in documenting a year in photos rather than writing.

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