EUFOR Major General Reinhard Trischak: EUFOR’s Military Presence in BiH although limited, is sufficient




The Commander of EUFOR, Major General Reinhard Trischak addressed the ‘EU Challenges and the Enlargement Process’ conference, which was held in Sarajevo, on Saturday 28 September. Organized by the Pan European Union of BiH and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation the conference’s aim was for the delegates to discuss the current situation in the EU, its future and European integration for the countries of Southeast Europe.

Whilst giving his address Major General Reinhard Trischak said:

“EUFOR’s military presence in BiH although limited, is sufficient to provide support to all levels of government in preserving the peace. The EU plays a large role here and we have responsibility for what happens in this country.”

He added,

“BiH is a special case in the process of European integration and the EU provides a framework for stability and peace to allow the implementation of those reforms crucial for accession.”

At the conclusion of the conference, the delegates agreed upon a declaration which will be sent to BiH and EU authorities, requesting the prioritization, for action, of areas in which BIH has not achieved sufficient progress towards EU membership.

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