Europe agrees on closed lists of candidates in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The European officials will make an exception for the politicians of Bosnia and Herzegovina and will agree to accept the closed lists on the elections in 2014. Europe will accept this, but only if together with the state election B&H holds the local elections again.  With this the election process in Bosnia and Herzegovina would be more regular, a more stable government could be formed, and B&H would solve a lot of issues in the post-electoral period. Some of the issues that could be resolved are the participations of women and young people in the government, and also of other peoples inhabiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. By solving these issues, a lot of other democratic rights could be implemented from the EU.

Mary Ann Hennessey from the Council of Europe in Bosnia and Herzegovina said that the European Council does not have a fixed rule about the open and closed lists of candidates, and that everything depends from one country to the other, but they will consider this matter when they receive new laws or at least amendments to the existing ones.

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