These are the European Cities where the Terror sowed Death, Sarajevo and Zvornik among them

citiesNumerous terrorist attacks that are lately particularly frequent, forced the European population to constantly live in fear. Thus, a total of 443 people in Europe got killed in 18 attacks that happened in the last 3 years!

Four people lost their lives. In 2015, 267 people were killed in the attack that was carried out in Brussels in 2014, while 172 persons were killed  in 2016.

On the map that was published by the Daily Mail, among the 13 cities in which these attacks were recorded are two cities from BiH – Zvornik and Sarajevo.

To recall, in the attack on Zvornik police station at the end of April 2015, a policeman was killed and two others were injured. Dragan Djuric was killed, while Stevo Milovanovic and Zeljko Gajic were injured. Nerdin Ibric (1991) from the surroundings of Zvornik carried out the attack, and he was also killed.

In mid-November of the same year in Sarajevo settlement of Rajlovac, Enes Omeragic killed two soldiers of the Armed Forces of BiH, Armin Salkic and Nedeljko Radic, from Kalashnikov in betting shop. Another person was injured in this attack.

Among the cities that can be particularly emphasized by the number of victims are certainly Paris (155) and Ankara (102). Also, the map also includes Nice (84 people killed), Istanbul (41), Brussels (39), Diyarbakir (4)…


(Source: avaz.ba)

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