European Commission: ‘List of key measures’ for BiH

Judicial reform at the level of BiH, revision of social benefits, development of plan of privatization and reconstruction of public companies; appointing the directors and Council of Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA) BiH are just some of the task BiH must meet by October this year in order to continue the path towards the EU.

This was stated in the ‘List of Key Measures’, which the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle gave to Chairman of BiH Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda in late 2012.

Füle reminded on the tasks of ‘Road Map’ and said that additional tasks need to be fulfilled if BiH wants to send a positive progress report.

Concerning the judiciary, there is a need for founding of Appeal Panel at the level of BiH.

‘It is necessary to start institutional reforms of judiciary at the level of BiH and adopt the legal framework which will define measures for validation of competency of judiciary’, states the document.

It was also stated that the Law on High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council must be changed; to adopt entity laws in order to decrease the backlog in processing cases and FBiH Law on execution of criminal sanctions and uniform FBiH Law for prosecutors.

European Commission asks that the agency for fight against the corruption be founded. It was also asked that all illegal border crossings with Serbia and Montenegro be closed, and that the economic and fiscal policy must be connected.

In the “List of key measures,” it is stated that BiH should perform audits of the social benefits which should be “based on need, not only on rights.”

Also, BiH must draft a comprehensive plan for the privatization and restructuring of public enterprises.

‘The death penalty must be abolished in RS Constitution and also the independence of public broadcasters must be ensured as well as the independence of Communications Regulatory Agency, and director and Council of CRA must be appointed’, states the document.

BiH Council of Ministers adopted the conclusions which charged the Directorate for European Integration (DEI) BiH to deliver the letter to all governments, parliaments and institutions of Brčko District and cantons.

Füle said in the letter that BiH can fulfil these obligations by October 2013, reports ‘Glas Srpske’.

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