Executive Firm Will Renew Isa-Beg Hamam

A Turkish firm has been chosen to begin the restoration of the Isa-Beg Hamam, the oldest city bathroom in Sarajevo that has been deteriorating for years.

Senaid Zajimović, the Director of the Vafuk Directorate of the Islamic Community in BiH, explained that the Government of Turkey, which is spending 1.5 million euros to finance the Haman, has chosen a contractor. The name of the contracting firm will be revealed this week after they sign an agreement.

‘’Our firms can be cooperative with the main contractor. Our firms have rich experience in the reconstruction of old buildings. Their team will come to Sarajevo in the next 10 days in order to negotiate on the details’’, said Zajimović.

He adds that it will first be thoroughly cleaned on the inside and they will have to tear down the damaged walls. However, the exterior surface cannot be touched because it is under the protection of the state.

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