Exhibition of Ars Aevi opened in Rome: Nine Artworks from Nine Collections

The exhibition of the Museum Ars Aevi called “Nine works from nine collections” was opened in the solemn hall of the Parliament of Italy in Rome on July 18, on the occasion of marking the quarter of a century of the development of the Ars Aevi Project.

The honor to open the exhibition had presidents of the Commission for Foreign Affairs and the Culture Committee of Italy, Fabrizio Cicchitto and Flavia Piccoli Nardelli, and the director and founder of the Ars Aevi Project Enver Hadziomerspahic, and the Ambassador of Italy to BiH Nicola Minassi, adressed all the attendees.

Fabrizio Cicchitto noted that he is very satisfied with the exhibition in Rome and added that Italy will participate in the final stage of the development of the Ars Aevi Project as well as the construction of the Museum.

The setting of Ars Aevi in Rome includes nine works by prominent world artists: Ettore Spalletti, Joseph Beuys, Roman Opalka, Gunter Brus, Nan Goldin, Cornelia Parker, Sanan Alesker, Ilija Soskic and Edin Numankadic.

The initiative for this exhibition was made after the official visit of the Commission for Foreign Affairs to BiH in May, with the aim to improve activities in the culture of the foreign policy of Italy in the region. In this context, the retrospective exhibition is aimed to draw attention to historical events and the cosmopolitan figure of the City of Sarajevo, as a meeting point of the worlds.


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