Exhibition of Dženat Dreković ‘Symhedonia’ in Gallery Collegium Artisticum

dzenatdrekovicSympathy for the happiness of others  (symhedonia) is the theme of the independent exhibition of photographs by Dženat Dreković, which will be opened in the City Gallery Collegium Artisticum on Monday, 28 October at 20:00.

The series of photographs was created in the department for persons with intellectual disabilities (Pazarić, B&H).

What separates the exhibition among the socially engaged projects is equality of participation of the protagonists in creating images of themselves, from costumes and set design to selection of photos that will be on display. With the gaze, gesture and attitude, they show that their marginalized world is open for those who wish to visit.

‘’Entry into that world is not easy-because it is rare that someone enters it. Symhedonia is out our social feature, the door of inclusion is just ajar. In these open doors, there is an interesting and significant reversal of this story-and I am convinced that this exhibition will become a story’’, said Slobodan Samardžić Sam on the exhibition.

Dženat Dreković was born in 1979 in Macedonia and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and finished World Press Photo Masterclass in Berlin. He gained his work experience as a photo-reporter for daily news and weekly magazines and as an assistant in the classes of media photographs and applied photography at the Faculty for Technical Studies (FTS) in Travnik and Kiseljak. He worked officially as a photographer on the movies ‘Na putu’ and ‘Participacija’ by Jasmila Žbanić.

He lives and works in Sarajevo.


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